2019 Has Begun!

Did you have a happy new year celebration?  In spite of that, the new year has begun.  PTL for all the blessings that He has in store for you in this brand new year!  It is now underway & we are moving forward. 

Pastor Seth & I agreed that this past Sunday was a weird Lord’s Day.  Firstly the day began with pouring rain all morning.  That is weird enough for us out here in the desert.  Not only was the weather weird, but we had a rash of illness amongst our church family that was highly unusual.  We also had a bunch of folks away for family reasons.  All of this weirdness resulted in a very low attendance, as a matter of fact, the lowest in my thirteen years here!  Although it was a weird day, the services were pretty good!  The choir did their usual excellent presentation in the song, “By Faith.”  I leaned over to my wife during it & whispered, “I love this song!”  The words if it say, “We walk by faith & not by sight” which is a blessed theme for the whole Christian life!  Then Mrs. Liz Gallagher with her “singing string” offertory of “’Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus” was gorgeous, delightfully done, & stirring indeed!  The congregation read from Hebrews 12:1-3 for the text of the message on “For Consider Him.”  It was a textual message that went to John chapter one for ten considerations about Jesus.  Each was a reminder “To consider Him!” 

The evening service had some great congregational songs that were soul-stirring!  The choir began acapella in natural harmony & ended with a wonderful climactic ending which brought goose bumps.  Right on! Then the brass solo offertory of the old Gospel song, “We’ll Understand It Better,” was delightfully performed by Mr. Lance Owen on the trumpet & Pastor Seth on the keyboard!  Pastor Seth then preached from James 3:1-2 “Beware if You are a Teacher.” (My title for his message, not his.)  Again in the evening the crowd was small, but the spirit of the people was vibrant. 

What a joy it is to work with God’s people.  There are some real blessings amongst these sheep.  And some trophies of God’s grace that would be a blessing to any reasonable pastor’s heart.  For them I am greatly thankful.  It is a royal privilege to serve the Lord in these last days.  Let us all be faithful until the last trumpet sounds & the shout of God calls us home.  Surely, it cannot be long now.

Pastor Stertzbach