May 20, 2018

Greetings & Salutations,

Hello from warm Tucson!  It is 95 here today which is still pleasant (except in the direct sun rays.)  It is heading up into the triple digits soon,.  So we are enjoying it while we can.  

Yesterday was a most wonderful day here at Bethel Baptist.  We enjoyed the ministry of two choice missionaries who we have supported for many years, Dr. & Dr. Mike Redick.  (BTW, that is not a typo.)  He is an evangelist in SE Asia & she is a non-profit entrepreneur in various SE Asia countries.  And the ministries which God has given to them are truly incredible!  (PLEASE DO NOT POST THIS ON THE INTERNET ANYWHERE.)  Last spring Mike’s evangelistic crusade with teams of evangelists from all over the world yielded over 150, 000 professions of faith in Philippino colleges!  (That is NOT a typo either!)  Can you imagine that kind of harvest.  The fields truly are white unto harvest somewhere in the world today!  Her ministry is supplying English teachers in the Muslim world & they are seeing amazing success too.  Our hearts thrilled to hear of these things to the glory of God.

These humble servants have the obvious Hand of God upon them for their work in SE Asia.  We were blessed 7 amazed!  I asked the church family if they were glad they invested in such a profitable ministry as these two.  And what do you think was the answer?    So it was a blessed day.  We had well over 90 in the AM service & 63 in the PM.  But those who came will never be the same hereafter!

The choir did an exceptional job in both the AM & PM.   My heart was stirred & blessed by both of their numbers.  I strongly suspect that everyone else was similarly touched of God by them.  In the PM, Johnathan Burt accompanied the choir on the cello which added a neat dimension too.  Mrs. Emily Blewett played the piano for them which helped the music splendidly.  The congregational singing was strong & vibrant too.  Before the evening service there was an expectancy in the people with a wonderful excitement for the evening service that thrilled my soul!  And we were not disappointed in the least. 

After the evening service, a celebratory reception was held in the Fellowship Hall for Pastor Seth’s graduation from seminary for his Master of Ministry degree from International Baptist Seminary.  We also celebrated the arrival of our two summer interns, Josh Witkoski & Christian Garcia.  So yesterday was a joyous & blessed day beyond degree.  PTL from Whom all blessings flow!

That is how it was here.  I wonder how your Lord’s Day went there.  Not all of them can be barn burners like ours was, but when you have one, it makes one so appreciative.  So PTL for His goodness & blessing to us yesterday.  It was a Lord’s Day to remember for a long time!