June 24, 2018

Howdy from hot Tucson!  It is 108 here today.

Last Sunday was we had two new families in the AM service.  Both were complimentary & seemed very interested in Bethel.  That is a good sign. So in spite of the fact that many folks are away on vacation, we had some visitors which is quite promising.  The AM service itself was encouraging in many different ways.  The choir was down in its attendance, but the upbeat, happy song, “Break Forth, O Joyful Heart’ was indeed heart-stirring.  In the “dog days of summer” it was a blessing to have a song to rejuvenate our hearts.  Then Miss Anna Carpenter played an arrangement of “Come Christians Join to Sing” as a piano offertory that was electrifying to our hearts.  Wow, were her fingers every flying on the keys?  I told the congregation: “Now, that is what I call AN OFFERTORY!”  I then preached from II Chronicles 33:1-9 on “The Prodigal King.”  It was a good response from the audience & the presence of the Holy Spirit was palatable.

The heat that day made everyone tired.  I got a nap in the afternoon that was reviving to my body & mind.  The Women’s Adult Bible class went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch.  Since Diane is in that class, I joined some of the other husbands at a separate table for lunch.  It was a special time together for all concerned.

Then the evening service had a new songleader for the night.  I led the songs since pastor Seth was going to preach.  Rev. Bud Cobb opened the service in prayer.  Then the significantly reduced choir size still had a good sound even with fewer than usual.  Mr. Lance Owen played a trumpet offertory of “Hiding in Thee.”  It was clear & strong & a blessing indeed.  He was pinch hitting for an instrumental quartet that had to postpone due to illness in one of them.  Pastor Seth preached from James 2:1-6 on “Partiality amongst the People.”

So it was a good day even if it was super-hot outside.  PTL for A/C! 

Pastor S.