April 1, 2018

He is risen!  PTL for that indisputable fact & all that it entails.  

Sunday was a blessed day of victory here at Bethel.  We had a wonderful attendance with several visiting families & many of our regulars.  PTL for this blessing.  Then the choir did an outstanding job on “See What a Morning.”  They were hitting on all eight cylinders.  The sound & message were stirring & touching to the heart of all present even any hard-hearts.  It was moving indeed.  Then Pastor Seth & Autumn played a trumpet duet offertory that was amazing!  We were even more blessed than seemed possible.  And this was just the first half of the resurrection service!  We then read congregationally I Corinthians 15:14-20 & I preached on “If He Is NOT Risen.”  It was a unique message especially for a resurrection weekend, but it resonated with the people.  The presence of the Spirit was palatable!

We did not have an evening service because we had a Crucifixion Service on Friday preceding.  It was the almost exact opposite of the victorious resurrection service.  Firstly we had a malfunction in the candelabras which all petered out before the offering.  Then during the Lord’s Supper someone missed the cue to dim the auditorium lights to enhance the sacred atmosphere of communion.  Other difficulties also served to impede the service.  And I felt the spiritual opposition & resistance keenly as I tried to preach on “The Six Miracles of the Cross.”  I went home discouraged, but as I drove home, I wondered if the disciples did not FEEL defeated after the Cross when their Lord was humiliated, crucified, & killed.  Maybe then the Crucifixion Service was a colossal success in spite of what I FELT! 

Living by feelings is always such a dangerous way to go for believers.  Our feelings are fickle & fake.  Oh, they seem to be real & sincere at the time, but they are so susceptible to being manipulated by circumstances, our emotions, & just plain baloney.  So we must evaluate everything in lieu of the Truth & not our personal feelings.  Do we not all struggle against this same weakness?  I think so!  As long as we are in this old flesh, we will have to constantly guard to walk by faith & not by feeling.  As a matter of fact, every time that we catch ourselves saying the words, “I feel,” it should set off a spiritual alarm within us to recoil & then re-evaluate our thinking right THEN!

So there you have it from the horse’s mouth.  That is my honest considerations of this weekend.  I hope that you had a marvelous time in the Lord at your place.  After all, what is more powerful than those few words, “He is risen”?