April 2018

In Sunday school, we have been going through a study of different cults and religious systems. We are living in a society that is religiously pluralistic, yet there are absolute truths from the Bible that are contrary to other belief systems. Christians should be aware of these differences, and also know how to address these differences from God’s Word. Otherwise, our responses to people are based on our opinions, and may even be incorrect. Worse yet, we might be swayed to an un-Biblical viewpoint. It is important for Christian teenagers to have a good foundation in the Biblical truths that are most often at odds with opposing religious ideas.

On Wednesday nights we are going through a thematic study of Proverbs, and looking at practical life lessons to guide us in our daily actions. Proverbs is a book about wisdom, and the wisdom that is revealed in this book shows us how to view and respond to life’s circumstances from a Godly perspective. The wise man is humble and teachable, while the fool is full of pride and rejects those who would help him. Each choice that we make guides our path towards wisdom or folly. Some of the teens have already pointed out that the typical teenager often makes foolish decisions, rather than wise ones. Lord willing, this continuing study will help them understand the wisdom of God’s way, and the folly of their own way. It is a lesson to which I often find myself returning!

We are less than two months from our missions trip to Albania. Please be praying that we would be yielded to God’s guidance in our final preparations, as well as preparing our hearts to serve outside of ourselves. I will probably give a little more information about the trip next month, so that you can pray more specifically. Until then, keep living for God’s glory!

Pastor Seth