College Students and Quarterly Meetings

It was a royal treat!

Last Sunday morning we had the delightful treat of hosting the International Baptist College Chamber Singers & Handbell Choir.  Dr. & Mrs. Ken Endean made the journey with them & he preached in the AM service.  It was wonderful to see the excitement of the young, energetic college kids in our Sunday service.  Their contagious enthusiasm was caught by my people & it translated into a marvelous church service to the glory of God.  Their music was outstanding as it warmed our hearts & blessed our souls.  The uniqueness of the handbells & their sound added a rich dimension too.  But everything about that service was absolutely delightful.  I would invite them back in a heartbeat!  If your church has not had them, you will be the richer for doing it. 

After the AM service the whole group joined the church family in the Fellowship Hall for a share-a-dish dinner.  The college kids loved the home cooking & the ladies loved seeing them devour it.  That is what I call a win-win for everyone.  The fellowship at the meal was jovial as young met old, new friendships were made, & brethren were bonded together as the family of God should indeed be.  Even though many of them were brand new to Bethel, it was like old friends had come together again.

Then after the meal, the college kids left to pack up their substantial amount of equipment, & they left for their evening engagement.  Our church family remained in the FH for our quarterly church family meeting.  (Some churches call it a business meeting.) After the delightful time in the services & the delicious meal, how could it not have been a good a good quarterly meeting?  We accomplished much in a short time & we all left full from the food, blessed to the gills, & ready for an afternoon nap.  Now that is the way a church departure should be on the Lord’s Day!

I wish I had some photos to include with this weekly note.  It would help you to understand, but alas, I am not a very good photo-taker.  But someone took some & they will show up somewhere on the internet.   In any case, that is what was the story here at Bethel this past Sunday.  We were duly & bountifully blessed.  PTL!

Pastor Stertzbach