December 17, 2017

Winter finally arrived in Tucson. 🙁

We got a cold front that came through (& is still hanging around) that dropped our temps to the low sixties during the day. It brought rain with it & that alone caused many Zonies to not attend our Christmas choir & drama last night. We had a respectable attendance, but not what we expected. The rain & cold definitely affected us. But the performance was good. It was Ron Hamilton’s “The Greatest Story Ever Told.”

The cast was led by Bob Black as the crotchety old crank named Dr. Fitz. It was a warmhearted story about him being confronted with the childlike faith of a precocious young girl played by Sarah Burt. Other cast members were Mrs. Barbara Burt & Mariana Carter. Pastor Seth played the choir director, what else?. And speaking of the choir, they did a fabulous job! Mrs. Clara Owenby sang a lovely solo backed up by the choir. Their songs were truly outstanding! Then afterwards, the choir & cast delivered cookies & hot beverages to the tables of guests while our people chatted in Gospel conversations with them. It was indeed a well-organized event.

Special recognition is also due to the folks behind the scenes: Mr. George Stevenson directed the sound board; Mr. Josiah Carpenter cared for the lighting; Mrs. Autumn Clark organized the food & beverages; & Mr. Steve Near led the ushering needs for both the Friday night & Sunday night performances!

I would say that the big deal of the weekend however was the incredibly hard work of so many of the church family in so many different ways. For a church our size to pull off something like this was amazing! The church family made HOMEMADE cookies for our guests which were delicious. There was tear down of the auditorium ion Wednesday night after the service in preparation for the Friday night performance. Then after the Friday night perf., there was tear down & reset for Sunday morning. After the Sunday AM service, it was tear down & reset for the evening performance. And afterwards there was the same thing AGAIN for the Wednesday night service still coming. THAT is a lot of tear down & set up for any crew. What impressed me was the joyous, cooperative way the Bethel Family labored to do it over-and-over again this weekend. Wow, that is the kind of church family with which I want to be identified.

And it was not just grunt work all the time. After each performance, the cookies & beverages provided time for Gospel conversations & personal soul winning work to be done. And this was happening all over the auditorium as seed was sown, watered, & harvest reaped. PTL for all of these good things.

So there you have it from this weekend. We all worked hard investing in evangelistic events to seek others for the Lord at this most opportune time of the year. PTL for all that was done & for all that is yet to be accomplished by the Holy Spirit. He is not finished yet. PTL for that.