December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas!

It was the holiday weekend & to be sure many of our folks were out of town with their loved ones.  Also the flu bug is raging in this area, & we had some folks out due to illness too.  So although attendance was a bit down, it was still a special time together to rejoice in the birth of our Savior!  And we did have some guests from out of town also!  A whole family was here from Washington State.  So PTL for all of these blessings/

The choir was self-directed as Pastor Seth is in SC on vacation with his family.  The choir however did a mighty fine job on “Let Him In.”  The three Bible college kids home for the holidays contributed wonderfully to the choir:  Mary Carpenter, Johnathan Burt, & Sam Near!  

The evening service was not as skimpy comparatively in attendance maybe because it was a candlelight Christmas Eve Service.  But it was a blessed thing to sing Christmas carols together in candlelight & soak in the atmosphere that only Christmas affords to God’s people!  I preached on “Jesus Christ, our Savior.”  It was definitely a Christmas message & our people were in the mood for it.  PTL for that.  

So Christmas Sunday was special & delightful indeed.  PTL for our faithful musicians on the keyboards & the orchestra for their wonderful support to the service that added so much.  I am praising the Lord on this holiday weekend.  How about you?