December 3, 2017

Greetings Friends!  

Last Sunday morning was a delightful day in the Lord here at Bethel Baptist.  Now, we did not break any attendance records & did not baptize 3000 or added 500 to the membership in one day, but we had the presence of the blessed Holy Spirit Who was quite evident to all in attendance.  So PTL for this wonderful & joyous blessing from the Lord.

The choir sang a preview to the cantata, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.”  Pastor Seth explained the 500 year old text to help us more fully understand the message of the song in contemporary terms.  (You could see the lightbulbs turning on all over the auditorium.)   The number was zippy & with a neat piano accompaniment by Miss Anna Carpenter.  Then the offertory was a stirring violin solo by Mrs. Elizabeth Gallagher, “Sing We Now of Christmas.”  The vibrant arrangement was moving & powerful climaxing with the string plucking at the end complimented luxuriously on the piano by Pastor Seth.  It was delightful!  I then preached from Psalm 54 “David’s Prayer of Deliverance from Betrayal.”  I felt the strong presence of the Holy Spirit during the preaching that is not always there.  But He was blessing & teaching through His instrument & I could literally feel it.  For a preacher, that is a wonderful fulfillment.

Then the evening service was very low in attendance & the choir was way down in attendance.  Pastor Seth explained that the Calhoun Family had the flu; Richard Burt was in the hospital; the Cobbs were traveling back from the Midwest from two funerals; & a couple of others were out for miscellaneous reasons.  The choir was just ten people, but their song was wonderful.  The congregational singing in spite of the attendance was also energetic.  Then Mr. Lance Owen played “Born in a Manger” on his trumpet for the offertory.  The clear, strong, holy atmosphere of the song was a blessing to all.  After a testimony time, I preached from Exodus 2:9 on “The Privilege of Parenthood.”  I did not sense the same anointing in the evening as the morning service.  It was OK, but not nearly as pronounced or spiritually defined as the AM for sure

So there you have it, the from-the-trenches report on last Sunday morning.  And that is the way I saw it from where I stood.