December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!

It was a holiday & flu weekend for us here at Bethel.  We had the lowest attendances of my twelve years here as pastor, but it was due to so many folks being away for the holidays AND a huge episode of the flu!  Aside from that, we had a good Lord’s Day at Bethel.  It may have been a skeletal attendance but, it was just the cream of the crop for last Sunday.  

Miss Anna Carpenter accompanied the self-directed choir in “On Christ I Stand.”  The ladies only opened; then the men only sang & then when they came together, it was an excellent sound!  They had nice blending throughout the song.  But when they hit overdrive, it was an  outstanding blessing to all of us in the congregation. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Gallagher played “O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus” as a violin offertory.  It was delightful & had a nice piano accompaniment by Miss Anna.  Afterwards the congregation read Colossians 3:1-4 with me.  And I then preached on “How to Have a Happy New Year.”

The evening attendance followed the AM pattern.  Bro. Dave Lind led the vibrant congregational singing.  Then Mrs. Emily Blewett on the piano accompanied Mr. Lance Owen’s trumpet offertory of “He Knoweth the Way.”  The clear, melodic, no frills sound was wonderful to our ears.  The words to the song were on the screen which enhanced the Spirit’s work in our hearts.  I preached from Colossians again on “Our Ministry for the New  Millennium.”  It was a visionary message for the new year, & everyone was tuned it to listen!  Afterwards we celebrated the Lord’s Supper to usher in the new year.  What a great way to set the tone for a new year, huh? 

So that’s how it went at Bethel last Sunday.  I suspect that churches across the country has similar circumstances, but I doubt that many were as blessed in rich fellowship & the clear presence of the Holy Spirit as we were.  But then maybe I am prejudiced a bit too.  In any case, it was all to the glory of our Great God.  PTL!