February 11, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day to you & your sweetheart!  

It was “Sickly Sunday” here at Bethel yesterday.  Although our attendance was not down significantly, we had a ton of regular folks out with illness.  It is a good thing that we had so many new people & guests!   We had four new families AND the visiting missionary family of six.  So our number s were OK, but I am concerned for all of our sickly ones who are under the weather.

But the services went well.  I preached in the AM from John 6:48-58 on “The Bread & the Blood.”  It was a Lord’s Supper message & we had the LS after the morning service.  I prefer to have it in the evening service,  but it worked fine in the AM.  The choir had a good choric sound spiced with enthusiasm, energy, & excitement in their song, “Across the Lands.”  Special kudos to the men for the awesome sound they contributed.  The piano solo offertory by Miss Anna Carpenter was a medley of “Jesus Loves Me” & “I am So Glad That Jesus Loves Me.”   And it was delightful!  It began simplistic & then got more intense.

The evening service did not have the import of nearly as many visitors.  So our attendance was paltry then.  Even Pastor Seth was out ill in the evening!  And he was joined by a couple of families who had been in the AM.  So the flu is raging here in Arizona as it is in the rest of the nation.  Mr. Justin Longway was to play a duet on his harp with Pastor Seth on the piano.  But since Pastor Seth was not here last night, Justin played the melody on the harp to “Sweet Hour of Prayer” by himself.  And it was wonderfully angelic!  Then our missionary for the day, Jeremy Dahlquist, shared his presentation & calling to the island nation of Palau.  (Do you know where that is?)  He taught us a couple of Palau phrases.  He shared how that they intend to live on a sailboat which gives them access to the many islands of this little tropical nation of 20, 000.  He preached from II Kings 7:3-16 on the “Characteristics of the Four Lepers.”

We had some very sweet fellowship with the Dahlquist Family while they resided on the church property this past week or so.  Their four children are lovely youngsters & a genuine credit to their parents & the Lord.

That is about all the news from yesterday from here at Bethel.  I hope all was equally good in your neck of the woods.  For those of you in the North, we finally got some winter here.  Our temperature dropped to 70 today & we think it is cold.  That, my friend, is Zonie thinking for sure.