February 18, 2018

Tucson greetings again!

Howdy from Tucson again.  I was gone this week to Ohio to pack up my mother to move her to Tucson from Canton, Ohio.  She is 91 years young.  It was time for her to move closer to us so that we can be there for her in her special times of need.  I was already taking care of her financial issues, & medical needs, but when a physical issue arose, it was just too far.  So she finally agreed that it was time.

Evangelist Bobby Bosler from the Minuteman Team preached yesterday in the AM service.  Since I was not there, I cannot report on it.  I heard that he was preaching with a fever & he is still not well.  Pastor Seth was sick this week too & is barely functional for the Minuteman Crusade.  We are trying to seek teens for Christ this week.  It has been a difficult time with adverse weather, illnesses of the team, & me out of town moving my mother.  Hopefully tonight will be a great climax.  But in spite of these things, we have had two salvation decisions already.

Heaven is rejoicing & so are we at these solid decisions for Christ.  I wondered this week at the opposition to this meeting.  Maybe if someone had sought the soul of the 19 year old shooter, Nicholas Cruz in Florida, a lot of families would have been spared a lot of grief recently including his family & himself.  THAT is why we are having a teen crusade this week.  It is no wonder that the enemy has tried to hinder in every way that he could.  PTL however for souls saved already AND for those who will trust Christ tonight!  

So that is what’s happening here at Bethel.  We had 92 in the service Sunday morning.  Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.  And PTL that He is not done yet either.