February 25, 2018

Another good day! 

Yesterday was a blessed day at Bethel.  We had a ton of visitors for the AM & even a few for the evening.  And in the AM, we had a precious couple join the church.  The spirit of the services was good, & it was obvious that the presence of the Lord was around us.  So PTL for all of these good things which I count as blessing directly from the Lord!

In the morning service, I prayed for Pastor Dan Mooney & Pastor Jimmy Watson.  It was our privilege to call out publicly & corporately for these fine brethren & their churches.  Then the choir sang, “Jesus Lover of my Soul.”

I reached from Exodus 3:1-6 on Moses’ Call to Serve.  The people were plugged in yesterday & the Holy Spirit was working.  In the evening I spoke from Exodus 4:9-10 on Moses’ Excuses to NOT Serve.  There people seemed engaged in both public services.

The Missions Committee met for a brain storming time at 5 in the afternoon.  It was a profitable time & some new ideas were brought forth by our newest member, Shelley Calhoun.  Implementation of those ideas remains for the committee members to initiate, but we at least got the ball rolling.  PLT for all that God intends to do to make missions white hot at Bethel!    At least that is our desire.

The AM offertory was a piano solo by Pastor Seth to the song, “The Light of the World Is Jesus.”  Having the words of  the screen added much to the already sweet music to our ears.  The congregational song service was also vibrant & rich.  In the  evening service, Mr. Lance played a trumpet solo accompanied by Pastor Seth on the piano.  I was heartwarming indeed!  We were reminded that we are safe in our God’s care!

The day yesterday was good in very many aspects.  So we are praising the Lord for yesterday & anticipating what great things the Lord has in store for us this week.  I hope it is so for you & yours also.  May God uplift you by His Almighty Hand & refresh you greatly all week long!