February 4, 2018

What a blessed day!

Yesterday was a good one in almost every way here at Bethel!  Now, that does not happen all the time.  So I am overtly praising the Lord for such goodness from Above.  We had 93 in the morning attendance & 61 in the afternoon Annual Church Family Meeting.

The morning service was opened in rousing congregational singing of the classic hymn, “A Mighty Fortress Is our God.”  My heart was blessed & the tone for the service was indeed set.  Then the choir ladies opened their special music of “I Could Not Do Without Thee” in a supremely sweet sound together.  When the men added their voices, the harmony was truly awesome!  And the words were equally touching as the sound.  Then a violin offertory of Mrs. Elizabeth Gallagher to the old Gospel song, “I Need Thee Every Hour” was such a great song for those who came to church in need yesterday.  I encouraged the congregation afterwards to learn those words & the tune for God to use in their lives in times of crisis & discouragement.  Miss Anna Carpenter accompanied her on the piano to make the offertory time elegant & amazing.  So when I got up to preach, hearts were already tuned in & ready for God’s message.  I preached from Psalm 73:26 on “My Portion.”  It connected well & the Spirit spoke.  PTL for such a wonderful worship time together.

After the AM service, we dismissed to the Fellowship Hall where we were set up for a share-a-dish dinner together.  It seemed to me that the variety of food was better than usual & there was plenty too!  After the meal, we went immediately into the annual meeting which went extraordinarily well.  We did not have a ton of business of which to attend, but we got one huge decision made about the church carpets.  PTL for that.  There were also various reports given on finances, minutes, missions, & the election of church officers & adoption of the 2018 church budget.  I am extremely thankful for the cooperative spirit of the church family through it all. 

So that is the report from here about yesterday.  The new church officers for 2018 that were elected by the church family are:

Deacon                 Jon Calhoun
Church Clerk:      Molly Burt
Treasurer;            Therese Carpenter
Missions Com.     Lance Owen, Shelley Calhoun, Dennis & Therese Carpenter

PTL from Whom all blessings flow.  We are indeed a God-blessed church family.