Hallelujah for the Incarnate Savior Who was born!

Last Sunday was a warm celebration for Jesus’ birth.  It was a delightful day although we had a ton of people out of town, over the river, & through the woods.  Still, it was a blessed day particularly in having many of the Bible college kids home for the holidays. 

The choir was supplemented by three Bible college students as they sang, “Heavenly Peace.”  The flowing beautiful harmony had delightful sound to our ears & our hearts.  Then Mrs. Emily Blewett accompanied on the piano for Johnathan Burt , home from Maranatha Baptist College, as he played on the cello, “Two French Carols.”  It was very difficult music but a blessing to all of us to hear Johnathan again.  We read congregationally from Matthew 1:18-25 & I preached on “Lessons for the Family from the Christmas Story.”  It was a unique message that drew comments from some of its encouragement & blessing to them.  Although the attendance was down, the AM Christmas service was filled with good cheer, warm fellowship, & brotherly blessings indeed!

The evening service was an early “Christmas Eve” service on the 23rd rather than the 24th.  It did not make sense to me to not have the Sunday evening service & then have a special Monday evening service.  So we had it early & I think it was the right decision.  For one thing, I did not hear one, even murmured, complaint.  To not hear anyone question as to why we did it that way said that our church family at least agreed that it made good sense for this year to do it that way.  PTL for that.  J 

Mrs. Autumn Clark played a trumpet solo of “O Holy Night” & was accompanied on the piano by her husband.  IT was outstanding sound from the instruments which were supported by the words on the overhead screen which adds to the message of a song.  We sang extra carols in the evening.  Pastor Seth preached form Isaiah 9:6 on “The Coming Son.”  It was an excellent message that preceded the candlelight climax with “Silent Night” & some other Christmas carols.    I think as we left this past Sunday night, everyone was warm-hearted, blessed of God, & readily prepared to worship the Lord on His birthday as it approached. 

So there you have it from the latest & greatest at Bethel Baptist.  I truly hope that you had an equally Christ-honoring & soul-fulfilling day at your place.  We are now anticipating this weekend & the New Year.  Whew, time surely flies, doesn’t it?  J

Pastor Stertzbach