Happy Father’s Day

Bethel Family,

It was indeed a Happy Father’s Day!  We recognized the fathers last Sunday even though most of them did not want any recognition.  Still, they are worthy of it.  In a day when fatherhood is culturally seen as so necessary, yet there are absent fathers from a majority of children.  So father’s day is indeed a time to celebrate fatherhood.  Children who have an attentive father are wealthy indeed.  We live in such crazy days.  But PTL for fathers in spite of it all.

I prayed publicly for two pastors & a missionary family.  Dr. Gary Hirth from Ypsilanti, MI & Pastor Tom Fuller at Whitewater, WI were lifted before the Throne.  Also Missionaries Mike & Lisa Redick to Southeast Asia were prayed for.  The choir did an excellent job on “The Light of the World”.  After a contemplative piano introduction by Mrs. Emily Blewett, the touching sound & heart-warming harmony was amazing for us all.  Then we were treated to an original piano arrangement of “I Sing the Mighty Power of God” by Missionary Jonathan Carpenter.  Wow, it took off like a jet plane when I said the amen.  He made it look so easy, the effect on the audience was wonderful because of all the keyboard accoutrements that he added.  How delightful!  I then preached from Judges 7 on “Gideon’s Guys & God’s Guidance.”  Do you know that in forty-five years of pastoral ministry, I never preached on this famous passage.  I was shocked to find that out myself!  

In the evening service our summer intern, Caleb Greiner preached from Isaiah 6:1-9 on “The Greatest Privilege Ever Given.”  His message on service for the Lord was interesting & enlightening indeed.  The choir sang with a Jewish sound to “Israel’s Song.”  (Whoever would have ever imagined such a thing?)  The men opened in unison with a strong male sound.  Then the ladies joined on the second verse to add their sweet harmony.  I liked the part which said, “Great is thy faithfulness, Heavenly Father.”   Then for the offertory, Baby Noah’s mother (Autumn Clark), played a trumpet solo of “This Is my Father’s World.”  She was accompanied by Noah’s father on the piano for a flowing brass sound which was nicely done by both.  We then had an interesting testimony time about some remembrances of folk’s fathers which was delightful. 

So there you have it straight from Tucson.  It was 100 degrees in the height of the heat of the day, but PTL for air conditioning!  We were cool & comfortable in our auditorium & other rooms for the day.  God’s grace to us was indeed blessed last Sunday.  May He be greatly praised!

Pastor Stertzbach