Happy New Year!

I hope your holiday was enjoyable indeed.  It turned c-o-l-d here & we are ready for it to go back to Colorado where it belongs!  We had our “New Year’s Eve Service’ on Sunday night this week.  It was a good service with several notable blessings.  The choir sang an old favorite of theirs, “By Faith.”  It was a dynamic performance singing about walking by faith & not by sight.  The seven men & five ladies did an extraordinary job.  Also in the music blessings of the night, Mr. Johnathan Burt accompanied on the piano for his brother, Joseph who played a cello offertory of “O Come All Ye Faithful.”  It was surely nice to see the brothers doing music together  in service of the Lord Jesus.  We all enjoyed it superbly.  We had an extended testimony time that was kind of a “year in review.”  Many of the testimonies recounted difficult times from 2018, but how that God had provided the sufficient grace for them all!  We then celebrated the Lord’s Supper for remembrance of His sacrifice for our sins & as a time to examine ourselves.  In the perimeter auditorium Christmas lights, it was a touching season together before the Lord.

The AM service was slight on attendance due to the holiday, folks gone to be with relatives, & the bug that is going around.  One outstanding part of the service however was the young men’s quartet of Sam Near, Josh Witkoski, Christian Delgado, & Johnathan Burt.  They sang “Almighty Father” to the delight of the whole congregation.  Seeing those young men & hearing their tight harmony was beautiful.  We were all blessed indeed!  All of them are in Christian college except Christian who is in the Navy & was home on leave.  What a blessing they surely were to me & all of God’s people!  Mrs. Emily Blewett’s piano solo offertory of “Merciful God”  had such a sweet melody.  It reminds us that He ”is faithful to keep us from falling.”  The powerful words on the screen complimented the delightful tune.  We were again blessed!  I then preached from Psalm 107:23-24 on “Making your Vision Reality in 2019.” 

It was indeed a wonderful day in the Lord here at Bethel.  In the AM service we prayed corporately for Eric & Christine Mossman in their labors for the Lord.  Also lifted before the Throne of God were Jeremy Sweatt at Berean Baptist Church in Lilburn, Georgia & Pastor Peter Lopez at Maranatha Baptist Church in Peoria, AZ.

I truly hope that you had a great time together on this New Year’s celebration also.  The possibilities & opportunities of all of 2019 lay uncharted & unblemished before us all.  May this be a marvelous year of victory & good success to the glory of God in us all!

Pastor Stertzbach