Hello again from sunny 80+ degree Tucson!

I did not write last week because I was ill.  I missed Sunday March 17th because I was miserable.  I had either a kidney stone or a urinary infection.  The doctor is still is not sure which it was, but I had relief in the night Thursday.  From then on, I had quick recovery & feel fine again.  PTL for His deliverance.   

Yesterday was a good day at Bethel.  Our numbers were not magnificent, but it was a blessed time in the Lord with God’s special people!  I was particularly appreciative to be back in the saddle & the worship together with the church family was delightful to me at least!  The choir sang “Shout with Delight to the Lord” from Psalm 100.  The energetic, zippy sound was heart-warming.  Although the choir was down in numbers too, the harmony of the came through loud & clear.  The violin offertory solo by Mrs. Elizabeth Gallagher was accompanied on the piano by Pastor Seth.  She is a real pro on the strings with such a godly sound.  The powerful Biblical words on the screen only enhanced the blessing for all of us listening!  We then read from Luke 6:44-49 & I preached on “The Measure of YOUR Heart.”   It was a textual style message, but I think its message came through for everyone from the youngest to the oldest in attendance.  Some of the comments afterward indicated that the nail was on the mark.  PTL for His accomplishments through it.

The evening service was robust with the congregational singing.  Then Mrs. Emily Blewett did a fine job accompanying the choir.  Kudos to the faithful choral musicians who are so consistently a blessing to the church family!  I particularly enjoyed the part in this song where the men added their accoutrement in harmony a couple of times.  It was special.  The testimony time last night was delightful & added to the tenor of the service.  Pastor Seth preached  from James 3:13-18 on good or bad wisdom.  I thought it was a wonderful message that was excellently presented.  It warmed my heart & spoke personally to me for sure! 

After the evening service, I met with the Sunday School workers for our bi-monthly meeting.  It was a time of encouragement & ideas to help the SS continue to grow & expand.  PTL for those faithful SS workers who diligently give the Word & grow believers in the Truth!

So there you have it from the Bethel-front.  I was so excited to be back with the people to whom God has called me.  PTL for such a relationship between pastor & people.  It is not always that way everywhere although it should, but I am sincerely thankful to the Lord for such a blessing.  So I am praising the Lord for a lot of things today.  How about you?  

Pastor Stertzbach