Hello from a cooler Tucson!

That is right.  It finally cooled off down here to the mid-80’s.  It is beautiful, & I love this weather.  Diane’s brother called last night from Denver & said he was driving in a blizzard condition.  I just smiled widely when I heard about that.  So if you are looking for some perfect weather from now until March, come on down to AZ.

On Saturday we had a big work crew of 26 people who worked incredibly hard & got a ton of work accomplished.  The camaraderie was wonderful & the fellowship was delightful!  PTL for a people with a mind to work for the Lord.

Sunday was a good day in the Lord from my perspective.  I publicly prayed for my friends in ministry, Dr. Mike Harding in Troy, MI & Dr. Matt Recker in Manhattan, NY.   Both are super servants & doing extraordinary things for the Lord in their respective areas.  It was my privilege to thank God for them & to lift them up last Sunday.  We had some really good things last Sunday, but let me just hit the extraordinary ones.  Pastor Seth’s piano solo offertory of “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee” was out of this world!  Not only was it richly performed, but it was delightfully enjoyed by all.  I preached at strong Gospel message entitled, “The Gospel Message & the Gospel Experience” from John 3:1-12.  I am still awaiting the results because I think the Spirit is not done working from it yet.  

The evening service had our church choir singing, “I Know a Fount.”  The ladies & men were in heavenly harmony with nice dynamics of tenderness & power appropriately.  My heart was keenly blessed by them!  Then Bro. Lance Owen played a trumpet offertory of “The Longer I Serve Him.”  His is a life that demonstrates the very message that he played!  Lance serves on the Missions Committee, the Promotion Committee, directs the Children’s Church, & sings in the choir.  So when he played a song about serving, it rang very true to all of us in attendance! 

A vibrant testimony time then followed.  There were encouraging stories of people being discipled, witnessed to, & one who trusted Christ as Savior!  My heart was strangely warmed, & I was encouraged by that God-blessed time together.  Pastor Seth then preached from James 2:8-13 on “How to Pass the Partiality Test.”  Here are a couple of choice tidbits from it:

“How do I pass the test of partiality?  Show mercy.”

“Mercy = Do I treat people the way Christ treated me?”

So there you have the synopsis of last Sunday at Bethel.  Tonight (Wed.) I continue THE SPIRIT WORLD SERIES entitled, “the Power of Demons over the Human Body.”  There has been a good interest in this series, & I expect there will be even growing interest in the weeks ahead.  So from all of us here at Bethel to you wherever you are,  we send you our love & seek God’s blessings upon you always.

Pastor Stertzbach