January 14, 2018

79 degrees yesterday & the same today.  Is this weather paradise or what?  

Yesterday was SPUD Day at Bethel.  The Homebuilder’s Adult Bible class sponsored baked potatoes after the evening service last night in the Fellowship Hall for the entire church.  They had all the fixin’s for the spuds plus veggies & stuff for the dieters too.  It was entirely lovely for all concerned.  Then afterwards, the director of our Children’s Church, Mr. Lance Owen, led us in his children’s songs with actions.  The kids loved it & the adults participated joyfully.  The smiles were abundant & the fun extensive!  I think everyone left filled with joy (& plenty of carbs.) 

The AM service featured enthusiastic congregational singing.  Then the choir sang, “Shout with Delight to the Lord.”  It was joyful & zippy!  What a blessing to our hearts & our ears it was.  They had some extraordinary harmony & the words, “Know that the Lord, He is God” was heart-warming indeed.  The instrumental offertory was by Mr. Justin Longway playing on the harp & harmonica simultaneously.  It was divine!  The beautiful rendition of “Be Still my Soul” with the words on the screen rightly received a full 10 on the amen-o-meter!   It was easy then for me to preach from Psalm 141:3-4 on “Set a Watch, O Lord.”

Pastor Seth preached in the evening service from James 1:16-18.  The choir did a great job of blending with excellent harmony again.  They had nice dynamics & much power in places.  Special kudos to the sopranos.  A brief testimony time featured a gentleman & two ladies with touching & encouraging words of God’s work in their lives this past week.  The offertory was a piano solo by Miss Anna Carpenter of “Day by Day.”  It was also nicely done & enjoyed by all.

So although we had a lot of folks out with illness, it was a joyous day indeed.  I was happy to announce to the congregation that we received an anonymous check for $ 500 for our carpet fund.  It came in the mail & was a great encouragement to everyone.  So PTL from Whom all these blessings flow!  It was a wonderful day at Bethel in almost all aspects.