January 21, 2018

Yesterday was a blessing!  

Do you relish being able to worship with God’s people like we did here yesterday?  Or is Sunday a DUTY that you endure because you know you are supposed to do it?  The answer to those questions will tell you a lot about your happiness in your local church body or your displeasure.  Getting honest with yourself about this will be a beneficial spiritual exercise indeed.

Well, I was delighted to be worshipping at Bethel yesterday.  The congregational singing warmed my heart & I sang with gusto clear down to my gizzard.  The orchestra sound was a blessing to my ears.  And then that lovely choir sang “King of Glory” which touched & stirred my heart greatly.  The words on the screen & the great dynamics of the choir just added to the musical effect for me.  I also delighted in the trumpet solo offertory by Mrs. Autumn Clark.  It also had the words on the screen which added so much.  It was punctuated by accompaniment on the piano by her husband which made it just a blessed presentation all around!  Even the congregational Scripture reading from John 3:1-8 was encouraging.  And by the time I got to the preaching on the doctrine of regeneration, I was already at overflow of blessings!

But I came yearning for God’s direction & blessing yesterday.  Now, I confess that I sometimes am not in that frame of mind.  I am ashamed to admit it, but I am a creature of dust also!  But yesterday was a worshipful & God=blessed time for me indeed!  PTL for that.  I hope it was for you also.  Another sweet thing was that after the service I met a young unmarried couple.  The young woman had just trusted Christ as her Savior that very morning at 3 AM!  There is hardly anything as exciting as a newborn babe in Christ!

The evening service was also a glowing warm ember.  We opened with the cong. Song, “To God Be the Glory” which is one of my favorite hymns.  It was vigorous & set the tempo for the rest of the service!  The ladies in the choir opened with the men following.  They were energetic & enthusiastic with some nice dynamics.  My heart was again delightfully blessed! Then Mrs. Emily Blewett accompanied Joseph Burt on the piano for his cello offertory of the song, “O Sacred Head Now Wounded.”  I well remember when his older brother was a junior high kid & doing offertories on the cello.  It caused me to smile broadly because I was encouraged that we are making “Servants for the Savior,” & this was another evidence of it.  The testimony time was brisk as several people shared stirring stories of God’s work in them recently.  And then … I got to preach the Word of God. I mean, it was just delightful for such a gracious time prepared by the Lord.  I spoke from Luke 17:1-4 on “Offences Will Come.”  The people were tuned in & the Spirit was present & doing His obvious job.  PTL.

So that is how I viewed yesterday.  I left church praising God all the way home.  And that is what I call a good day at God’s House at least in my book.