January 28, 2018

Howdy from warm Tucson.  It was almost 80 degrees here yesterday.  Is that beautiful weather or what?  

You know the problem with beautiful weather like that?  People naturally want to be outside picnicking, walking, & playing.  For that reason our attendance was down considerably yesterday.  Now … if that continues, I will have to start praying for cold, miserable weather.  You do not want that do you?  

The choir did an exceptional job on the song, “Glorious, Indescribable” yesterday morning.  What a sound they had!  It was an exciting enthusiastic song with great dynamics.  Special credit is due to the sopranos although all four parts were absolutely wonderful.  Then Mrs. Emily Blewett played a piano offertory of “O Worship the King” that was very well done.  It was about worship & was very worshipful.  The words on the screen added much to our pleasure in the audience too.  Then I led the congregation in the Scripture reading from Jeremiah 18:1-6 in preparation to the morning message by Pastor Seth.  It was an excellent sermon.

The evening service had the choir making nice harmony & great, touching, & powerful words.  Mr. Lance Owen was accompanied on the piano by Pastor Seth for his trumpet offertory of “Hiding in Thee.”  Their dynamic duo was a blessing to all in attendance.  Then Missionary Esteban Marquez presented their call to Mexico City via video on the screen.  It was also well done.  They have been on deputation for seven months & already have 24 % of their support raised.  He preached from Mark 2:1-5 on the four men who got the paralytic to Jesus under impossible conditions.  It was also very good.

So yesterday was a good day in the Lord here at Bethel Baptist.  I had a full day out of the pulpit with some young preachers in it, & I was blessed beyond measure in both services.  And you would have been too!  This coming Sunday I will be preaching the in the morning on “Our Portion.”  Then we will have our Annual Church Family Meeting.  (Most churches call it their Annual Business Meeting, but that sounds so secular to me.)  We will elect church officers, look at a proposed budget for 2018, & view reports from 2017 to get direction for the new year.  All of this is after the morning service & a share-a-dish dinner.  It should be a great time together.  Plan now to come & rejoice with us in all that the lord is doing here at Bethel!

Pastor Stertzbach