January 7, 2018

Greetings & blessings upon you!

We had a blessed day at Bethel Baptist yesterday.  Many of the traveling folks returned from their holiday adventures, but many of the “walking dead” who are still struggling with the flu & its attentive compatriot, the congestion scourge, are still away from us.  And we miss them all, but we are content that they get better before returning to us.  

Evangelist Mark Herbster & his family were with us for the AM & PM.  He & his wife Amy ministered in song with their four daughters: Megan, Madison, Morgan, & Meredith.  They were all a blessing indeed.  God used Bro. Herbster in the AM message from Psalm 139.  His fine exposition with many practical applications was right on target too.

The Bethel choir sang a timely song that brought tears to my eyes because it was so applicable to some needy folks in our congregation, “I Am Not Afraid.”  The ladies opened in unison, then broke into female parts.  When the guys finally joined in, our hearts were opened & ready for the Spiritual truth to be poured into them.  It was excellent!  THEN … the Herbsters sang, “Be Still my Soul.”  This song for times of deep sorrow or loss was powerful for any aching heart.  It was done masterfully & delightfully received by a needy congregation.  Their final special number was, “Speak & We Will Hear.”  It was also touching about God’s presence in times of need!  Wow is all that I can say.

The evening attendance was up over its usual.  We started the service late which is an absolute no-no to me.  The reason however was that we had a parking lot accident just before the evening service that involved extrication of one of our church ladies from the wrecked car.  Everyone was ultimately fine, but it was tense for a few minutes.  Finally we got the service underway.  The choir did not sing, but the Herbster Family did & it was every bit as well received as the morning specials!  Amy & her two little girls, six & eight years old, sang “Endless Mercies” which is a children’s song with a majestic message.  It was delightful too.  Then the evangelist preached from Romans 12:1-2 on “Our Potential in Christ.”  He was focusing on what we can be in Christ:

  1. You can be delivered.
  2. You can be dedicated.
  3. You can be different.
  4. You can be diligent.
  5. You can be discerning.

And it was an excellent message from the Word also.  He will be leaving traveling evangelism in March to join the faculty of Maranatha Baptist University as the Director of Ministerial Training.  Then he will be able to multiple himself in young preachers all over the world & in the generations to come if the Lord should tarry.

So we had an eventful & blessed day in the Lord at Bethel yesterday.  I wish you were here because you would have also been challenged in the Word & blessed deeply in your soul.  And what could be better than that?