July 1, 2018

Hot greetings from Tucson!  (It is 108 here today.) 

We are in our brutal summer weather just before the monsoons begin, but we are anxiously anticipating the rains anytime.  Bring it on!  Last Sunday was a wonderful AM service with some special events included that were thrilling to the congregation.  Let me tell you about them.

Our summer interns organized a special music number that was extraordinary!  Josh sang a song entitled, “The Look” which was accompanied by two violins (the other intern, Christian, & Mrs. Liz Gallagher) & Miss Anna Carpenter on the piano.  It was one of those “wow moments.”  Afterwards in my spontaneous comments I said, “Did those millennials bless you greatly?  And not a Boomer in sight.”   It was indeed a joy to see you adults doing soul-stirring music in such a professional & productive way.  I am still humming it!  But that was not all.  Also the piano offertory solo by Mrs. Emily Blewett of “God of our Fathers” was powerful.  The patriotic association to July 4th was easily attached & the delightful sound of the special arrangement was amazing.  I also read a special patriotic reading about the founding fathers, colonial days, & tied together by God’s Hand upon this nation. 

But that is not all either.  We also had another incredible choir performance of “Who Is on the Lord’s Side?”  The enthusiastic, joyous sound was touching & captured our hearts anew.  The choir was back to full staff & they sounded up to par & beyond!  All of these accoutrements easily prepared our hearts for the message from Deuteronomy 9:3-6 entitled, “America – God Blessed But Why?”  You can beam it up at the church website  It may be soul-stirring to you as it was to the people present.

The evening service was after a very hot afternoon.  Attendance was down, but we had some special visitors from the community.  The Superintendent of the Vail School District & his family were a blessing to have in the service.  Summer intern, Christian Garcia, played a lovely violin offertory, “Be Thou my Vision.”  He also was interpreting the evening service for the NEW deaf class of church members who he is teaching how to sign to the deaf.  We had a testimony time & then I preached from Revelation 21:8 on “Hell’s Roll Call.” 

All-in-all it was a good day in the Lord.  We did not set the world on fire, but it was already hot enough out there.   It was a solid day however in which the Word was presented in song & sermon; the fellowship was unmistakenly sweet; & the presence of God’s people & the Holy Spirit was quite evident.  So we have much for which to rejoice in the Lord.  On an evening when almost all other churches were closed, it was a royal privilege to worship together.  To God be all the glory for His rich blessings again!