July 30, 2017

Intern Finale!

As they say, all good things must come to an end.  And yesterday was the end of our ten-week summer intern program for James Poon & Chris Salyer.  They have labored hard & long this summer.  Our church family has done an incredible job of feeding & caring for them.  So it was a bitter-sweet day for all of us.  It was sweet in remembrance of all the wonderful good things accomplished, but it was sad for us to see these young servants go.  However we want them to move onward & forward for the Lord.  Our job is accomplished in training; now we can pray for them & watch to see the incredible ways that God will use them in the future!

The morning service had 90 in attendance with a guest who came for Sunday School, the AM service, AND returned for the evening.  She seemed to really bond with our church family.  That is an amazing thing to behold!  In the AM, I prayed for Pastor Kirkham from SC & Dr. K. Casillas also from SC.  The choir then sang, “By the Gentle Waters.”  The ladies opened briefly & when the men joined the harmony was delicious.  The balance of 9 men & 9 women was measurable.  It was a delightful musical dessert to our ears.  Then a singular duet offertory was presented by Mr. Justin Longway.  It was singular in that it was one person, but it was a duet in that he was playing the harp & a harmonica at the same time!  Our hearts were moved by the gorgeous heavenly sound of it all.  I then preached from Psalm 55:22 on “I Shall NOT Be Moved.”  And at the end of the service the Lord’s Supper was served as the interns got to help in serving it.  That was great experience for them too!

The evening service had some spectacular congregational singing.  The choir also did their usual great performance which was a modern contemporary song with age-old traditional doctrine.  It was powerful!  The offertory was a trumpet solo by Mrs. Autumn Clark as her hubby accompanied her on the piano.  The words were on the screen & the sound of the two instruments complimenting each other was outstanding.  Then James Poon preached a message from Matthew 1:1-17 which is the fourteen generation genealogy of Christ.  When have you EVER heard such a thing?  But it was excellent; not boring in the least; & profound too!  Then Chris Salyer preached from Psalm 63 on “Wilderness Survival.”  It was also good & blessed all present. 

Attentive to the day was an offering received for the interns to help them get back to Bible college.  Our people have a heart for others which is evidentially seen in their liberality to give to God’s servants.  PTL for everyone who gave freely & sacrificially for the interns.

So there you have it concerning the day at Bethel Baptist.  It was a fulfilling & blessed day in the Lord.  God truly worked in our midst & everyone present knew it.  PTL!