July 8

A bust or best?

Last Sunday could be either depending on how you look at it.  We had the lowest attendance on a Sunday morning in the thirteen years that I have been here.  So that was a bust.  Also Pastor Seth had a bad case of kidney stones that put him out of commission all day too.  And wouldn’t you know it, on that same Sunday we had a ton of folks out with illness & a bunch gone on vacation.  So there were definitely a number of negative things going on here last Sunday.

But I choose to look at the other side of things to rejoice in the Lord instead.  So here are the good things that went on. 

Although the choir did not sing for obvious reasons, our intern, Christian Garcia, led the congregational songs & did a good job.  Then Johnathan Burt played “Lead Me to Calvary” as a piano offertory solo.  It was delightful, warming to the heart, & expertly presented!  I told him that I thought it was his best ever!  I then preached from Psalm 121:1-8 on “From Where  Does Your Help Come?”  Interestingly, I have never preached from this text in over forty-five years!  Imagine that.  But the people were tuned in.   The Spirit was walking the aisles & touching hearts.  And the church was definitely in session.  That makes it a wonderful day in spite of other factors!  Afterwards an inordinate number of folks commented to me on how much God used THAT message for them just when they needed it.  PTL that God is so faithful to know just what we need & when we need it.

The evening service followed the morning in attendance .  The choir again did not sing, but the congregational singing seemed warm & exhilarating.  We had an excellent string trio for the offertory, “I Love You, Lord.”  On the cello was Johnathan Burt, on the violin was Christian Garcia, & on the bass was Joseph Burt.  Their pleasant sound was a blessing indeed, but even more so was seeing young men … millennial men … being used of God!  We hear so much criticism of the millennial generation, but here were some that are to be commended & greatly appreciated.  Another good thing on Sunday evening was a special church family meeting to discuss on item: solar panels for the church.  After a reasonable discussion & questions, the church voted unanimously to go forward with the project!  Now, what could be better than that kind of unity?  I then preached from Matthew 13 on “While Men Slept.”  (But curiously, no one did during that message!) 

So there you have it on last Sunday with no spin or deceit.  Some would say it was a bust, but I would say it was a blessing.  We saw accomplishment for God’s glory.  So PTL even for the off-days.  God is still on the Throne even when it storms.  The good thing too is that every storm eventually runs out of rain.  And then the sun comes out again.  Hallelujah for that!