June 10, 2018

Greetings to all across the fruited plain! 

It is still hot as a firecracker here in Tucson, but … Tropical Storm Bud in the Gulf of California promises to bring us some relief tomorrow & Saturday & some RAIN!   We have not had a drop since February 28th & we are as dry as a bone which makes flash fires very dangerous here.  So we are looking forward to a break in the weather & some liquid from the sky. 

Last Sunday we were so-o-o glad to have Pastor Seth back from their missions trip to Albania.  The choir was all smiles & very joyous to have their leader back too.  They sang an old favorite, “Trust in God, my Soul.”  The words were powerful & ministered to all in attendance.  It was just encouraging to all of us.  In my opening pastoral prayer, I lifted up Pastor Dick Mercado & Dr. Rick Arrowwood.  These are truly fine brothers & I was delighted to call out to God publicly for them.  The offertory was a winsome violin solo by Mrs. Liz Gallagher of “Rejoice, the Lord is King.”  It was so professional, energetic, worshipful, & encouraging.  It was a definite “Wow performance.  I then preached from Acts 9:1-6 on “Kicking Against the Pricks.”  The folks were tuned in & I felt the presence of the Overshadowing lord in our midst.  That set the tone for the Lord’s Supper after the service.  Christian, our summer intern, assisted me in the presentation of the elements to the deacons who served them to the congregation.  It is such good experience for the interns to be involved in the Lord’s Supper.  The other intern was supposed to be in on it also, but he got tied up with Children’s church & missed this time.  

The evening service was preceded by a wonderful Missions committee Meeting with Aton & Hannah Taclob, missionaries to the Philippine Islands.  It was a particularly sweet time with them indeed.  Then they were with us in the evening service as you will see if you continue reading.   

Pastor Seth opened in prayer after the opening congregational song.  Then the choir sang, “Abba Father”.  It was a blessed sweet harmony from the very first note!  You could tell the maestro was back.  The acapella parts were excellent.  Then the piano offertory by Mrs. Shelley Calhoun of “Send the Light” was an arrangement of some parts of a couple of well-known hymns that blessed us richly.  After introducing his missionary presentation, Aton asked his wife, Hannah, to play a violin special which was absolutely delightful!  She has a master’s degree in violin performance.  We then saw their Power Point of Mindanao & Aton answered some few questions from the congregation about them 7 their ministry.  He followed by preaching a good message from Matthew 28:17-20 on “Christ Is Worthy.”

It was a HOT day physically, but a pleasant day in the Lord in the air-conditioning.  PTL for A/C!  JWe felt like we were back together again with all the cylinders of the church engine hitting in synch again.  PTL for such a time & all the blessings of that day.  It was blessed indeed.