March 11, 2018

80 degree greetings from Tucson! 

Yesterday was not our greatest attendance because of travelers, work, & illness.  The trinity of despair was alive & functioning yesterday here, but PTL that the Eternal Trinity prevailed still.  And for that I am indeed grateful.  We had two brand new couples with us for the morning service.  They are both locals & seemed interested.  That is another cause for rejoicing.

The choir did a brand new song yesterday which was good, but not up to their usual spectacular self.  They seemed rather tentative & it lacked their usual “spit & polish,” but still it was good & our hearts were thoroughly blessed.  The seven ladies & six men is down somewhat in the choir numbers too which may have contributed too, but the song of joy, “Rejoice & Be Glad” was refreshing indeed.  The offertory was a harp solo by Mr. Justin Longway to the old tune, “This Is my Father’s World.”  I commented afterward that the harp has such a heavenly sound to which I got a lot of agreement from the audience.  It was delightful to our souls.  I then preached from John 8:12 on “Jesus is the Light of the World.”  I began by using the song, “The Light of the World Is Jesus’ by P.P. Bliss.  I gave the story of the author & then we sang all four verses to introduce the message.  That song is like a sermon in itself of the text in John 8:12!

The evening service had some special treats in it also.  The choir actually had substantially MORE in it in the evening than in the morning service!  Another feature of the service was the instrumental trio of Mrs. Shelley Calhoun on the flute, Miss Anna Carpenter on the violin, & Mr. Justin Longway on the penny whistle.  It was unique & delightful as they played the “Following Jesus Medley.”  A brief public testimony time followed.  The congregation seemed weary & drained in the evening service for some reason.  I was not because I got my Sunday afternoon nap, but I could definitely tell some folks did not!  Then Pastor Seth preached from James 1:19-20 on “How to Respond to Trials.”  It was a good message with some practical applications to our Christian lives.

So there you have it from yesterday’s AM & PM services from my viewpoint.  Others may have seen it differently, but that is from my vantage point as the pastor.  In any case it was great to worship together in the presence of such sweet fellowship.  That does not happen everywhere.  So I rejoice in another good day with God’s special people here at Bethel!