March 2018

For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand.  I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of the wicked.                 Psalm 84:10


We are keynoting our ushers this month here at Bethel.  The usher crew is led by Mr. Steve Near who faithfully attends to his crews & the many needs of the church family. 

  Did you know that I was an usher?  In Bible college I served for a year as an usher at BJU.  Our head usher was not kind & nice like Steve.  He was demanding & had the highest expectations one can imagine.  Our dress was scrutinized meticulously.  We met for an hour BEFORE each service to go over our assignments & to review procedures & protocols.  Tardiness was not tolerated for even one second of lateness.  We were expected to remain in service until every last person had left the building after each service.  And of course, we were required to be personable, friendly, & meet the expectations of the attendees.

But it was there in that training ground that I learned the importance of being an usher.  Most people do not notice all the special things that good ushers do to facilitate a worship service.  But if an usher misses an assignment, everyone knows!

Some poor souls have the mistaken idea that ushering is unimportant.  I was taught in Bible college that the first point of contact is the usher.  He or she sets the tone then for what a new person might expect in that service.  A sloppy, careless attitude causes a negative opinion before even entering the auditorium, hearing the choir, or seeing the pastors.  But a sharp, smiling, well-groomed usher causes a new person to anticipate good things from the Lord because of God-centered ushers.

I learned so much about church services & about serving the Lord as an usher at Bible college!  The verse above was our theme verse that we quoted together as an usher crew at our pre-service usher meeting.  Our Bethel ushers do not have such a meeting, but their diligent care & needful preparations for each service are just as important.

I for one want to go on record for how much I appreciate Steve & his usher crews.  They serve faithfully & tirelessly to protect us, to serve in various capacities, & to make our worship effectual!  If you are an usher here at Bethel, I salute you & your comrades.  May God add many more to your ranks.