March 2018

Praise the Lord for 5 teenagers who understood the Gospel and called to God for salvation! We had a teen evangelistic rally this past month, and while the overall attendance was not what we had hoped for, God knew what was best. Pray that we will be able to work with these 2 guys and 3 girls, to help them understand how that they can glorify their Savior with their new life. Please also pray that these young people will be used to show their families God’s love, so that they will also be saved.

We are continuing to get teens signed up for camp this summer. So far we have fewer signed up than in previous years, but I know of about 10 teens who are wanting to go, but are in need of at least some financial help for camp fees. Camp this summer will cost $310 per camper. Would you consider helping to fund some of these teens? It has always been our church’s desire that no teen would have to miss camp because of finances, and we have increased our budget a fairly significant amount over the last couple of years to that end. This year, because of the higher than expected need, we are in need of some extra help. Anything that you give towards “Camp Fees” (you can give in the offering or through our website) will go towards helping these kids get to camp.

How has your year been going? Two months into the year is a good time to evaluate those goals that you made for this year. Take note of progress, and thank God for His grace. Don’t ignore setbacks, but understand them to point to your greater weaknesses. James 1 tells us that we are led into sin by our own desires, but God is the One who gives good gifts so that we might give Him the greatest glory. Let this be the year in which God receives the greatest glory from your life!

Pastor Seth