March 4, 2018

March Mildness!  Ahhh ….

It is 80 degrees here today & the sun is shining brightly.  It is supposed to be like this all week long too.  While there is March Madness in other parts of our country today, like the Nor’easter in NY & New England, it is March Mildness for us here in the Southeast.

This past Sunday was a blessed day indeed.  Our attendance was affected by the much illness that is ravaging the whole country.  I had traveled last week to Wisconsin to the Holiness Conference at falls Baptist Church where Dr. Ed Nelson was honored as an example of the theme of the conference: Bold Grace.  I went to honor this great patriarch of Baptist Fundamentalism, but my heart was greatly blessed & warmly refreshed while there.  I saw many old friends & was treated royally by the host church.  I came home physically tired but spiritually reinvigorated!  PTL.

Well, that physical weariness carried over into Sunday.  I was fatigued particularly in the AM service.  (I hope it did not show too much.)  The choir however was perky as they sang, We walk by faith & not by sight.  The seven men & nine ladies were an excellent example of preaching by music.  The words on the screen enhanced the spiritual experience.  When they hit second gear I was moved.  Then they shifted into third gear & I was delighted. But when they hit overdrive on that song, I was ready to be raptured!  Thank you, choir.

Mrs. Elizabeth Gallagher’s violin offertory of “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus” was equally pleasant to the ear & sweet to my soul.  As she played majestically on the string, Miss Anna Carpenter accompanied on the keyboard.  They made a great team, & it was delightful.  I then preached on “How to ALMOST get to Heaven” from Acts 24:23-27.  It was a purely evangelistic message & rather simplistic to speak to lost people, but no salvation decisions were acknowledged.

In the evening service we hosted Missionary Dave & Carol Scott to Mexico.  They are ready to open an orphanage.  These were the first missionaries in a LONG time that did not need personal financial support. But they were searching, praying, & seeking house parents for the orphan children.  They also brought wonderfully heart-warming photos & stories of amazing conversions in their ministry.  He said, “We are almost in revival down there.  Our people meet at 6:30 each morning to pray for revival.  And God is answering!”

I was thrilled to hear such things.  I am burdened when I see people leave prayer meetings with no care to call out to God, but that is the condition of the present day in America generally.  Oh that today God would move upon us & set our hearts aflame again!

So Sunday was a solid Gospel day with some excellent spiritual accoutrements.  For a hungry soul, there was something to chew on.  There were a couple of new couples in attendance & a couple of recent returnees.  And they blessed my heart greatly as well as all of the faithful old-timers.  So there you have my report from last Sunday.  To God be all the glory!