May 13, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day.  That was the clarion call yesterday.  And it was fitting indeed!

We were glad to honor mothers in particular & all women in general yesterday.  The reason for that is that for many women, MD is the saddest day of the year.  Some had a mother that rejected them; some memories of bad relations with a mother or step-mother; some ache because they cannot conceive; etc.  So we tried to honor all women & gave out a beautiful scented candle in a lovely glass container with a Scriptural phrase on it to remember the specialness of motherhood.  It is a narrow line to walk to make it special on one hand & not painful for others on the other hand. But we tried.  

The AM service went extremely well.  The choir number, “Beautiful Savior” had a truly divine sound.  The ladies opened in their angelic light harmony.  The choir sang to the Lord about His majesty.  It was delightful to the audience indeed.  What a treat!  The offertory was a trumpet solo of “Immortal Invisible” by Mrs. Autumn Clark.  It was a dashing, spirited rendition with the words on the screen.  She was accompanied by her husband on the piano for a splendid piano-brass sound.  I then preached from I Samuel 1:26-28 on “The Product of a Praying Mother.”  It was a very pointed sermon about the effect of the prayers of a mother.  By the response at the invitation, it appeared to ring true in some hearts too.  PTL for that.

The evening service was the opposite of the AM.  But then … it was a holiday Sunday night.  And … it was a divided service as the whole VBS staff was in a training service.  The choir did not sing & the orchestra did not play & we really missed them all.  At least I did!

It was good to be in the Lord’s House on the Lord’s Day.  Diane & I were so glad to be back.  The trip to SC & GA was good, but it was also good to get back where we belong.  PTL for a home to come home to. 

So that is the report from here for today.  I hope all is well with you in your neck of the woods.  To God be all the glory!