May 21, 2017

Another great day!  🙂

Last Sunday was a wonderful day here at Bethel Baptist.  The attendance was good with 94 in the AM & 54 in the PM, but the spirit of the services was what was outstanding.  There are two things that tell me about the tone of the spirit of the church family on any given day.  One is how long folks hang around after the service.  I thought folks were never going to leave last Sunday in both the AM & PM.  🙂 The other indicator for me is the congregational singing.  If it is robust & enthusiastic, that is a good sign to me.  And both were shining bright lights last Sunday.  🙂

The choir did another outstanding performance singing “I Could Not Do Without Thee.”  The ladies opened in unison, but when the men joined them in harmony, it was an amazing sound!  I know that I say THAT often, but this was extra-special.  Then Christian Delgado’s trumpet solo of “Immortal Invisible” was incredible!  He teamed up with Pastor Seth on the piano for a dexterous & accomplished presentation.  Wow! 

We then read John 17:17-19, & I proceeded to preach on “In a World of Lies, Where Do You Find the Truth?”  The message was bolstered for the visual learners via Power Point, but all were tuned in & on board for the message.  It was a thoroughly doctrinal message, but because it was focused on the lies of the world & fake news, it was contemporary to the issues of the day which captured attention.  If you are interested, you can beam it up at

The evening service was abuzz with excitement even before the first song.  I sensed the anticipation of my son preaching which warmed my heart.  The choir sang a stirring song which set the tone for the evening too.  After some rousing congregational singing, a mixed quartet of Mr. & Mrs. Joe & Nicole Hatten, Mrs. Amy Near, & Mr. Lance Owen sang the old Gospel song “The Lighthouse”.  Lance reached up in the clouds for the high notes & Joe’s resonant deep bass voice blessed all.  It was a joy indeed to hear the four of them blend  together.   Jonathan Stertzbach then preached  from John 11 on Tombstone Theology to the delight of the congregation.

After the service, I met with the Sunday School Staff for our monthly meeting focusing on the care givers & their important role in our church.  It too was a good meeting.

So that is how it was here at Bethel last Sunday.  We had a couple of returning new families which were a blessing indeed.  It was a solidly good day from almost every angle.  PTL for such good things.  It was truly a Hallelujah Day here.