May – Teen Talk

Every student should know Ecclesiastes 7:8 – “Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof.” With only a month left of this school year, I imagine that this verse seems especially true. Solomon is not just saying that the end is better because something is completed, however. The end is better because by going through the “thing”, we have benefitted from experience and grown in wisdom. God can use every “thing” in our life to teach us about ourselves and the importance of trusting Him. I hope that our students are growing in wisdom from their education, and are taking every opportunity to prepare themselves for the future that God has for them.

We do have one teen graduating this year. Marianna Carter will be finishing up her high school career, and plans to head to college this fall. Congratulation on this big achievement! It has been exciting watching you grow these last few years, and we as a church will pray that you continue to walk after God. Stay faithful to Him!

Why did Jesus have to become a man? Why did Jesus have to die? Why did Jesus have to rise from the dead? Everyone knows that the teen years are full of questioning things, and these are important questions for our teens to answer. I went through these three questions with the teens last month in Sunday school in coordination with Easter, and I hope that these are questions that you can answer with Biblical support, not just what you have heard from others. The incarnation, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ are foundational truths of Scripture, not just because they happened, but because they HAD to happen, and God brought it to pass. When others question your faith, it is important that you have a solid grounding in God’s Word so that you can have confidence in what you know. This is my desire for everyone in my church, not just the teens. I hope you are growing in the knowledge of God each day.

Things are getting warmer here, and we’re loving it! I hope you are seeing God’s blessings in everything that He allows into your life. Seth