Merry Christmas from all of us at Bethel Baptist!

Last Sunday (December 2nd) was an unusual Lord’s Day for us.  Firstly, the temperature was very cool for us Zonies.  That seemed to me to make the congregation rather drowsy in all of the services of the day.  It affected me the same way.  So I would call it a lazy, drowsy day last Sunday.  But the good thing was that it was a perfect afternoon for a Sunday nap!  And I took one for sure, but it did not seem to make me any more energetic for the evening service … nor anyone else either. 

In spite of that, the congregation enjoyed singing with the choir for the morning opening session.  We sang a Christmas carol medley with the choir ending it in rather bombastic fashion which was quite pleasing to everyone.  The congregation enjoys that sort of singing experience when we do it infrequently.  So it was a delightful opening.  Another enchanting aspect of the service was a mother-daughter piano offertory duet by Mrs. Emily Blewett & Lily.  It was her first time performing & she did admirably. Their keyboard duet of “Angels from the Realms of Glory” was heart-warming indeed to all of us.  Since our purpose statement is “Making Servants for the Savior” this was one of those exciting moments to see another young person begin to serve the Lord even as a child.

The congregation read Matthew 8:23-27 with me responsively.  After another Christmas carol, I preached on “Why Are Ye Fearful?” from that passage.

The evening service was punctuated by the four part harmony of the choir in beautiful elegance.  Although the attendance was bare minimal, their performance was excellent.  Pastor Seth accompanied Mr. Lance Owen’s trumpet solo for the offertory.  The strong brass sound of “There’s a Song in the Air’ was another blessing & crowd pleaser.  I do not mean that in any negative sense.  It indeed pleased the people who heard it as a blessing & encouragement from the Lord.  After a good testimony time, I preached from Acts 7:23, 30, & 36 on “The Life of a Leader” about Stephen’s recognition of Moses’ unique leadership abilities.

Like I said, it was an unusual day.  It was not a bad day or one rife with mistakes & miscues, but it was different from the previous week to be sure.  But every Lord’s Day is unique.  After all, are we not  “a peculiar people” unto the Lord?  In it all, to God be all the glory!

Pastor Stertzbach