Director of Master Clubs: Diane Stertzbach

Dear Parents,
Thank you for sending your young person to Master Clubs.  We hope this will be a great blessing to you as well as a time of spiritual growth for your child.  This material would be great for family devotions/and or home school Bible curriculum.  I think you will see a great yield of spiritual fruit in your child if you will use this material in your home.  PLUS they all love to be recognized at the end of the year program!

1.   Please note the special nights on the calendar where your children will need a little help from you. It would be good to keep the calendar on your refrigerator for quick reference.

2.  A tote bag or a  backpack for each child.  Then, on Wed. nights everything will be together in the bag.  This keeps you from last minute searches, and, it will make things a lot easier for us as we pack up your children to go home.

3.  The annual fee of $20 helps to pay the cost of student badges.  The Master Clubs International suggests this fee.  Please be aware that this doesn’t even begin to cover the expenses of your child.  Both the church and the teachers donate many, many extras for your children:  prizes, treats, craft materials, game equipment and anything else that will motivate the children to learn. Please see the Club Director if you wish to pay a little at a time.  We want everyone to participate!

4.  Book fees for the Ambassadors $9.00 (4th – 6th grades), Spotter’s $8.00 (1st – 3rd grades), Little Lambs (4-5 yrs. olds.) $6.50. 

5.  All fees should be paid to your teacher as soon as possible.  You may make arrangements to pay a little at a time.  Please see the director.

6.  I would also like to encourage you to correspond with your student’s teacher by email. Your children should be learning at least one verse every week.  The older class is learning how to have daily devotions.  PARENTAL HELP IS NECESSARY for your child to be successful. It would be great to use this as family devotions.

7.  All students need to wear sneakers and not sandals for activities.  It is best for modesty if the little ladies wear long pants or long shorts.  This also helps them to avoid rug burns.

8.  Please pray for us.  We look forward to being a blessing to your children.

Making Servants for the Savior,

Diane Stertzbach

Director of Master Clubs