More Glorious Weather

My sympathies to everyone in the current blizzard & snows up north.  It is 86 here today.  I know that my brutal weather is yet to come this summer, but for now, I am just saying …. 

Yesterday was another lovely day in the neighborhood.  We had a unique day from several different viewpoints.  Firstly we did not have an evening service per se.  We had our quarterly church family meeting. (Most churches call them business meetings.  I however prefer to call them family meetings.)  We had a respectable attendance at it with even some visitors!  That may have been because we had a share-a-dish dinner after the morning services & then went immediately into the family meeting.  In addition to the quarterly reports, we had a couple of unique things:

  1. The church discussed & approved getting solar panels.
  2. We discussed & agreed on a new evangelism approach called neighborhood barbecues.
  3. And we discussed our internship program for this summer.
  4. That is in addition to all the old business & all the reports. 

It is always a relief to me when these sessions are completed.  Yesterday was no exception.  It was not a controversial meeting in any way, but I am always relieved when it is successfully completed.  I have had some jim-dandies in the past & I have the scars to prove it.  May that is why I feel the way I do.  None of those scars are from Tucson, but still ….  🙂  

The morning service was unique in that Pastor Seth preached it.  I usually speak in the mornings because visitors want to hear the senior pastor.  Yesterday was no exception to that rule either.  We had two visiting families, & they indicated that although they appreciated the preacher, they were disappointed that the pastor did not speak.  That is just what happens in churches. But the sheep usually like to have a change of pace, & they enjoy a fresh face & approach.  He preached from Matthew 21:1-9 & Zechariah 9.  The choir sang, “I Could Not Do without Thee.”  The ladies opened in unison with their usual angelic voices.  THEN … the majestic harmony of the whole choir joining together was awesome.  The powerful words were heart-warming indeed.  Special kudos go to the sopranos for their unique part in the song too!  The piano offertory solo by Mrs. Emily Blewett was excellently done.  The powerful introduction set the stage for the nice transitions, & then we were wowed!  PTL for “I Sing the Mighty Power of God.”  

Our attendance was down from the previous week, but we are anticipating Resurrection Sunday this weekend.  We begin it with a Crucifixion Service on Friday night at 7 PM which includes the Lord’s Supper.  Then after remembering the awful sacrifice that our Lord paid for our sin, we triumphantly look forward to Sunday & the victorious message of the empty tomb!  It is a day of true rejoicing for God’s people because it not only celebrates Jesus’ resurrection, but it reminds us of the coming resurrection & rapture of the church which must be soon.  Hallelujah for this blessed doctrine of the Bible to God’s eternal glory.

So there you have it from Bethel.  It was a unique & blessed day in the Lord here.  We would love to have you worship with us for Resurrection weekend.  Come on.  It will do you good.

Pastor Stertzbach