November 1, 2015

Greetings from Bethel Land!  🙂 

The sun is shining here.  The sky is clear.  It is warm & wonderful outside, almost perfect weather in every way.  Wow!

Yesterday was another good Sunday at Bethel.  We had 99 in the AM service with a new family back from Neighbor Day!  🙂 Also a different new family who has been coming set up an appointment with me for next week to talk about membership!  These are some encouraging signs indeed.  🙂  And I am praising the Lord for every one of them that I see.  🙂

We begin Missions Conference this week on Wednesday night.  Our guest missionaries are: Veteran Dave & Marilyn Janke (British Columbia), Miss Amanda Baker (appointee to England), & Pastor John & Esther Uit de Flesch (immigrant church plant in Charlotte, NC.)  It promises to be a conference to remember with some choice servants of the Lord Jesus!  And the Missions Committee has planned some unique wrinkles to this conf.  If you cannot come because you live far away, I would appreciate your prayers greatly for God to work in us & amongst us!

Last evening we had 57 in the service.  The Lord’s Supper was served in a memorable time for all that He suffered for us.  The music of the day was delightful, both the instrumental & vocal numbers.  For some unknown reason I fumbled the order of service which created an interesting chain of events, but in the end, the Lord straightened it out without incident.  So PTL for His special grace in time of need.

All-in-all, it was a good day in the Lord.  It was not spectacular.  No fire fell from heaven.  The altar & aisles were not filled with folks making decisions for the Lord … but it was a good solid day of proclaiming the Truth of God with His presence amongst us & a sweet fellowship within us.  And for that, I am genuinely & sincerely thankful because it is not that way everywhere!  🙂

Pastor Stertzbach