November 5, 2017

Missions Conference Sunday!

Yes, yesterday was just that day for us at Bethel.  We had as our missionary guests, the Dr. Dave Shumate Family, the Dr. Dan Wokaty Family, & the James Yuen Family.  They were all delightful, fun, & a great blessing to all of us.

In the AM service we had a flag parade by the children of the church as the choir was singing “Who Will Pray?”  In the background on the big screen the pictures of our missionaries around the world was being flashed!  It was a moving 3-D experience for all in attendance.  Then for the offertory, Mrs. Linda Shumate played the flute with Mrs. Opal Wokaty on the autoharp to the tune of “Work for  the Night Is Coming.”  It was a delightful, joyous, & marvelous sound with a powerful spiritual message!  Then Dr. Shumate preached from Matthew 6:19-21 on “Investing in the Eternal.”  His illustration on investing on bananas was unforgettable too.  🙂

The evening service began with a dynamite video “Acts Advance.”  It was super!  The choirs then sang.  The video presentation was the Wokatys.  It showed their past, present, & future.  Then Mrs. Susie Yuen gave the Ladies Viewpoint.  She then also played the offertory “I Love to Tell the Story” & told how that her Christian dad had sung that song to her as a child.  She was accompanied on the piano by Pastor Seth as she played the oboe solo which was outstanding by the way!  To close out the conference, the missionary men each spoke briefly climaxing with dr. Shumate who presented me with a bunch of bananas.  I said that this will be known as the “Bananas Mission Conference.” 🙂

It was a sweet & blessed conference.  We are still collecting the Faith Promise Commitments from the congregation.  I am excited to see what great things the Lord will do through us for this coming year!