November 8, 2015

MC Day at Bethel … 

Yes, it was Missions Conference at Bethel yesterday.  We has Dave & Marilyn Janke from British Columbia; Miss Amanda Baker, a deputee to England; & Pastor John & Esther Uit de Flesch from an immigrant church in Charlotte, NC.  And they all did superbly. 

Yesterday we had a Ladies Forum & a Men’s Forum during the Sunday School Hour.  It was outstanding!  🙂  Then Pastor Uit de Flesch preached from Jeremiah 8:20 during the AM service while Miss Baker ministered to the children at C. Church.  And Mrs. Janke did a brilliant job with the ladies viewpoint using her cell phone that hilariously captured our attention.  Bro. Janke presented an overview of their ministry in spite of a corrupted AV  presentation & all kinds of problems beyond his power to deal with them.  🙁

We had 106 in attendance in the AM service.  The choir did a nice job of blending voices in the song, “I Will Serve You.”  Three of our missionaries sang with the choir which delighted all!  Then Pastor Uit de Flesch played a piano solo offertory of “Heaven & Home Medley.”  It was absolutely delightful too!  Then Miss Baker sang, “Trust & Obey” to a whole new tune & arrangement.  Her lovely alto voice was accompanied on the piano by Pastor Seth.

After the AM service we had over 80 folks in the Fellowship Hall for our International Dinner!  The international dishes were scrumptious!   (My two favorites were the Moroccan Couscous & the Tres Leches Cake.) 🙂 Each of the five missionaries then shared their favorite story about ministry service.  We laughed & rejoiced at all of them!  It was a sweet time that also gave us insight in how to pray for them in the future!  Then Pastor Uit de Flesch charged us with a brief closing message.

The Missions Committee planned, worked, & served extraordinarily!  They are Mrs. Gerry Guthals, Dennis & Therese Carpenter, & Lance Owen.  Special recognition is due to each of them for going above & beyond the call of duty!

The congregation is to be acknowledged also for good attendance & an outstanding offering for the missionaries.  In addition to their expense reimbursements, each missionary family received a love offering over $ 1600!  And that made for some happy missionaries.  🙂  PTL for a good conference & all that the Lord has done.  We are still receiving faith promise commitments for the coming year.  So PTL for all that He is doing & will still do from this year’s missions conference.  To God be all the glory!

Pastor Stertzbach