October 15, 2017

Glad to be home!

Diane & I had a splendid trip to Wisconsin to the Baptist World Mission Annual Meeting in Menomonee Falls last week.  It was exciting, energizing, & enriching to both of us.  She was able to rest all day while I was in meetings & then attend the evening services with me.  So it was the perfect schedule for her & we both enjoyed the time with her former roommate in college at the end of the trip too!  So we arrived home on Saturday afternoon & plunged into revival meetings with Dr. & Mrs. Ron Comfort which started on Sunday.  Let me tell you about it.

Our choir was accompanied on the piano by Miss Anna Carpenter for “I Know a Fount.”  The blessedly sweet harmony was a treat to us all.  The ladies part sounded angelic.  The men’s part was strong & together they were awesome!  I particularly enjoyed their good dynamics too.  Then Pastor Seth accompanied a violin offertory duet of Anna & Mrs. Elizabeth Gallagher of “O Love Divine.”  Their wonderful harmony was “delicious” to our ears.  Then before the message Mrs. Autumn Clark & Mrs. Clara Owenby sang, “All of These” accompanied by Pastor Seth on the piano.  It was also a wonderful message in song.

What was amazing of all four of these musicians & the piano player is that they are  all millennials!  Hey, I thought millennials had all fled our Fundamental churches. No, not all, because our hearts were particularly blessed by these dedicated millennials who were an encouragement to our whole church family!  Then Dr. Ron Comfort, a rawboned old-fashioned, leather lunged preacher, mounted the pulpit to thunder from John 18:33-38 on “What Is Truth?”  It was a powerful message from the Word saturated with the Word!  PTL for the decisions amongst the church family setting the stage for the evening service.

In the evening the choir again sang again blessing us greatly.  Also Mr. Lance Owen played a trumpet offertory entitled, “Born Again.”  Lance is “a steady Freddy.”  That is a servant of God that you can count on!  He reminds me of Barzillai in the OT who helped King David at a time when he needed it so much.  That is just the kind of guy that Lance is!  Then Dr. Comfort preached from Revelation about “The Church in the Book of Revelation.”  It was a stirring message to encourage the church & to warn the lost.  At the invitation a young millennial woman stepped out & walked the aisle to turn to Christ.  PTL for this & other decisions for the Lord last night.

We have meetings going Monday night & Tuesday night with Dr. Comfort also.  Tonight is the night to pack the pew.  And Tuesday night is prophecy night.  I am expecting good things from the Lord both nights too.

So there is the update from Bethel Baptist.  We have not arrived yet, but we are on our way.  And to God be all the glory!