October 22, 2017

A blessing & a challenge …

Yesterday was a blessing in many ways, but similarly it was a challenge in some ways too.  Isn’t that the way with most of the Christian life? 

It was a blessing to have each person in attendance yesterday.  Diane & I were particularly blessed to have a couple from Vermont in the services & then a single serviceman from our ministry in VT showed up also!  We were doubly blessed to have them all in our home for dinner afterwards.  Diane has had huge physical challenges that have prohibited us from hosting folks for some time, but yesterday she was able.  And that was a huge blessing to me!  We also had a first time young couple & their two small children in the service! 

The music yesterday was again a true blessing for the entire church family.  The choir number, “Glorious Savior” had a delightful harmony from the very first note!  It was a stirring hymn of praise & worship in the truest sense of the words.  The challenge for us is to NOT take our precious choir for granted since they minister to us so faithfully each week!  The offertory was a trumpet solo by Mrs. Autumn Clark of “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us.”  The clear, strong, brass sound was accompanied by her husband on the piano perfectly.  They had a great sound; they make a great team!  Our challenge was to hear the music & see the words on the screen so that the Holy Spirit was reaching our hearts rather than going into neutral & coasting mentally.

I then preached from Psalm 139:13-16 about how we are wonderfully & fearfully made by our Great God.  The practical truths of this passage are infinite & the blessings of those truths applied to our lives are a huge challenge, but the Holy Spirit was uniquely working yesterday in blessing His Word & challenging our hearts!

The evening service was slightly attended which frankly took the steam out of me before I even got started.  (I am human too, you know.) So it was a challenge from the get-go for me especially when the testimony time was “bone dry.”  That is not to say that there were not blessings in the evening service however.  The choir number was warm, stirring, & the message came through loud & clear for a personal blessing to us all.  Then Mr. Justin Longway simultaneously played the harp & harmonica.  Can you imagine that?  How special was that! He played the melody on the harp & the harmony on the harmonica at the same time!  Talk about a blessing, whoa!  I then preached from Proverbs 11:24-31 on “Principles for Prosperity from Proverbs.”  I thought the message was a waste, but it was a blessing to me that some others found it helpful & profitable for them!  

So yesterday was a day of blessing & challenge, but it was all to the glory of God.  And in the end, isn’t that what every day is like anyhow?  PTL for all the blessings & for each one of the challenges.  Hallelujah!