October 25, 2015

Sunny salutations from Tucson,

The weather is near perfect here in Tucson right now.  We have mid to lower 80’s in the day & 60’s at night.  That is a beautiful combination with sun shiny days & near-to-none humidity.  🙂  This is of course my favorite time of the year & it usually lasts until April!  🙂 

Yesterday at Bethel we had 101 in the AM service & 77 that stayed for the Quarterly Business Meeting & Dinner right after the AM service.  The morning service featured some fabulous music!  Firstly the choir sang, “Israel’s Song.”  Boy, did it ever get our engines revving! 🙂  All four parts were hitting on all four cylinders!  Then the violin offertory was the stirring song, “Complete in Thee.”  The words were on the screen, but the dynamic, living message of the sound & the song were heart-moving.  Mrs. Elizabeth Gallagher on the violin & Pastor Seth on the piano teamed up for an extraordinary sound!  All I can say is “WOW!” 

We had some more first time guests in the AM who even stayed for the meal.  That is always a joy & blessing to the church family!  I then preached from the Book of the Revelation on “The Remnant in Revelation.”  It was thoroughly bathed in the Scripture & for some of the first-timers might have been a little heavy on the prophetic judgments coming during the Tribulation.  But it was a good service in many aspects.  PTL for every minute of it.

The Quarterly Church Family Meeting that followed the meal was considering some weighty & difficult things.  The considerations that I thought could generate considerable discussion flew right through, but the things that I thought would be generally agreeable “got stuck in a rut.”  I am always amazed at the dynamics of a congregational business meeting.  It was not a bad one by any means, but it was surprising to me in some ways.  🙂

We did not have an evening service due to the late afternoon meeting & meal.  By the time the choir practices afterwards & the clean-up occurs, we are all pretty well wiped out.  At least I know I was!  🙂

We are gearing up now for our annual Missions Conference Nov. 4 – 8th.  You will hear more about it as that date approaches, but if you are near Tucson, you are invited to this extraordinary time at Bethel.  It is the highlight of our church year!

Pastor Stertzbach