October 8, 2017

Greetings from Milwaukee!

Yes, I am writing to you from the North this time.  I have a Baptist World Mission Annual Board Meeting at Baptist College of Ministry.  Diane was miraculously able to come along because of the amazing grace of God.  So we are here from Monday until Friday.  PTL, it is a blessing to serve the Lord in this way although it is a hectic, busy schedule.

Last Lord’s Day at Bethel was not our greatest attendance since I have been here, but we had three new families visiting!  One was a younger couple who were “church shopping.”  I am often skeptical of church shoppers because we are usually not the kind of church they want, but this couple said they were looking for a traditional worship style in the old-fashioned way that they were raised.  Now, that got my attention because we qualified supremely for that.  Another couple was a visiting missionary couple from MX who were in Tucson visiting.  They were very complimentary of the service & a blessing to us too.  And the other was a young Navy gal with one of our young Navy guys.  So to was pleasant to have visitors like these with us for the day!

The AM service was excellent.  After getting the announcements out of the way, we sang congregationally some wonderful hymns of the faith.  One good thing about Bethel, it is a singing church!  I almost striped my throat in the congregational singing because I was enjoying it.  Then that precious, God-blessed choir sang, “May the Mind of Christ my Savior.”  The choir was accompanied on the violin by Mrs. Liz Gallagher & the piano by Miss Anna Carpenter.  They delivered a powerful message with great sound that had excellent dynamics.  My heart was blessed indeed.

Then the offertory was a piano solo by Mrs. Emily Blewett, “More About Jesus.”  The enjoyable first stanza was catchy to the ear.  The second stanza was smooth & encouraging.  The third stanza was triumphant & authoritative.  And the words on the screen added to the message of God from the Holy Spirit to His people.  Pastor Seth chose songs that enhanced the sermon greatly.  I was encouraged & ready to go when the bell sounded for me to preach God’s Word.  I spoke on Revival.  It was a topical message to seek to prepare the ground for our coming evangelist next Sunday, Dr. Ron Comfort.  I think folks got the message & are anticipating God working in us & then in unsaved people mightily.  PTL.

That is all that I can report to you today.  Diane & I had to drive to PHX in the afternoon to catch a plane to Milwaukee.  So I am not sure what the evening service had to hold, but I am sure it was blessed.  Pastor Seth is a good & faithful preacher of the Word.  No doubt it was a wonderful time in the Lord also.

I hope that you have a great week, my friend.  I am anxious to get back to Bethel.  This cold fall weather isn’t much to our liking.  See you soon.