Pastor's Weekly Notes (Page 17)

The Weekly Note is Pastor Stertzbach’s summary of the ministry. This is an update on the services, the attendance, the weather, and other musings of Pastor reflecting how the Sunday services stirred the hearts of the people toward the things of the Lord.


November 15, 2015

Vets Days!  Yesterday we recognized our veterans, but probably not as adequately as we should have!  I asked all of them to stand & the congregation acknowledged them.  I then did a reading about Iwo Jima that touched my heart & many people too.  PTL for all of our veterans & current service personnel! It was a cool day for us here…

November 8, 2015

MC Day at Bethel …  Yes, it was Missions Conference at Bethel yesterday.  We has Dave & Marilyn Janke from British Columbia; Miss Amanda Baker, a deputee to England; & Pastor John & Esther Uit de Flesch from an immigrant church in Charlotte, NC.  And they all did superbly.  Yesterday we had a Ladies Forum & a Men’s Forum during the Sunday…

November 1, 2015

Greetings from Bethel Land!  🙂  The sun is shining here.  The sky is clear.  It is warm & wonderful outside, almost perfect weather in every way.  Wow! Yesterday was another good Sunday at Bethel.  We had 99 in the AM service with a new family back from Neighbor Day!  🙂 Also a different new family who has been coming set up an appointment…

October 25, 2015

Sunny salutations from Tucson, The weather is near perfect here in Tucson right now.  We have mid to lower 80’s in the day & 60’s at night.  That is a beautiful combination with sun shiny days & near-to-none humidity.  🙂  This is of course my favorite time of the year & it usually lasts until April!  🙂  Yesterday at Bethel we had…

September 27, 2015

Greetings from HOT Tucson! It is 101 here today.  I know that some of you have a cooling trend, but it has not got down here in the desert to us yet.  Do you mind sharing?  🙂  As you Yankees are relived when spring time comes after a long hard winter, that is how we feel after a long hot summer!  But…