Schedule changes

Governor Ducey has lifted the restriction on large groups meeting together, so we will be resuming our on-site meetings this Sunday! There are still some restrictions and guidelines in place, so some things will be different than usual. Please take note of what applies to you, and reach out to us with any questions that you may have.

General information:

  • All of our video services will continue as they have been for the past several weeks. If you are not able or do not feel comfortable attending services in person, please take advantage of these meeting options. 
    • Sunday morning (10:45am) and evening (6:00pm) services will be livestreamed. You can watch them here, or see previous services (March 22 onward) on our YouTube channel.
    • Adult Bible Classes and Wednesday night will have Zoom meeting options available. Contact your teacher or the church office for more information
  • Chairs will be respaced in the auditorium and classrooms to accommodate the 6ft distancing guidelines. Please sit together as a family, and keep two chairs space between each other.
  • Please avoid physical contact with each other, and do not congregate in the lobby or bathrooms.
  • We are supposed to encourage people to wear masks and anyone in the high risk categories (65 or older, or with underlying conditions) to stay home. These are not absolute requirements, and we will not turn away anyone for these reasons. We will have masks available in the lobby for those who do not have one.
  • If you have symptoms of any illness, especially a fever, please stay home. 
  • In all of these things, please be willing to put others ahead of yourself!

Children and Children’s programs

  • We will not be able to have in-person classes for children 6th grade and below yet. Children will need to remain with their parents at all times.
  • Parents, please talk to your children in advance about not being able to run around and play with their friends.
  • We can make some classrooms available for watching the service outside of the auditorium for individual families. If you would like this, let us know and we will get it set up.

Adult Bible Classes and Wednesday Bible Study

  • These programs will be resuming in-person meetings, with the same guidelines as the Sunday services. Zoom meetings will most likely also be continued; check with your teacher if you would prefer this for your situation.
  • Due to children’s meetings not being available, there may be some complications for parents. Check with your teacher if you have any questions.

We will do our best to maintain a clean environment, but please realize that we cannot guarantee completely safe environment. If you think it is best to not attend in person at this time, we understand.

We are praying that this is soon behind us, and any health risks return to previous levels. Remember that none of us knows our future, so we should be surrendered to God’s plan for us (James 4:13-17).