September 10, 2017

It has been a hurricane hullaballoo, hasn’t it?

I sincerely hope that if you were in the path of one of the recent hurricanes that you are sustained & doing OK right now.  The devastation from them has been significant.  My heart goes out to the millions of people who have been affected.

Let me bring you up to date about what’s going on here at Bethel Baptist.  Yesterday we had a good day in many respects.  Although it was over 100 degrees outside, the air conditioner worked perfectly inside for us.  And we were all comfortable for which I praise the Lord.  I could not help but think of those who had no power this weekend.  That made me even more thankful.  The choir in the AM sang, “Jesus, Savior, Blessed Friend.”  They were all together in beautiful harmony from the get-go.  This song featured the altos & tenors who were superb.  The accapella ending  made is very memorable indeed.  Then Pastor Seth’s piano offertory was outstanding!  The delightful sound & great arrangement captured our attention & our hearts.  We read together from James 4:14-17 & I preached on “What Is Your Life?”  We had a very sweet military couple join the church afterwards which encouraged us all greatly!

The evening service was even better than the morning!  The congregational singing was vibrant.  The choir sang with sweet harmonies that were like spices in a delicately tasty dish of scrumptious food.  And that choir was hitting on all four cylinders for this song.  We were blessed from the start.  Then Mrs. Emily Blewett played a delightful piano offertory, “Hiding in Thee.”  With the words on the screen, the music & those God-blessed words delivered hope, blessing, & encouragement.  I felt like a sponge absorbing God’s message & blessing!  We then had an active & exciting testimony time.  I then preached from Luke 24:4-52 on “Reasons for Resistance to God.”   It was a thoroughly original message & one that I was happy with for the first time in quite a while.  PTL.  Afterwards I met with the SS workers for an excellent meeting. 

I went home full of God’s presence & blessing.  Maybe others did also, but it was a good day in the Lord for me at Bethel yesterday.  If others were as enriched as I was, then we have a church of happy campers. And I sincerely hope we do.