September 24, 2017

Greetings to you!

It is so nice to chat with you again via this weekly note.  We had a wonderful day at Bethel yesterday that began with a miracle!  Let me tell you about it & the day that followed.  

My wife Diane has been having great pain issues.  She has fibromyalgia anyhow, but she also has several degenerative discs in her back that sometimes make her dysfunctional physically.  Saturday was one of those days.  She just was in abject pain all day, & it did not seem possible that she would be able to function on Sunday.  We prayed on Saturday night asking God to raise her up for Sunday, but Sunday morning  when she awoke, she was in pain again.  She laid in bed asking God to raise her up & allowed her to go to church as she so desired that.  After praying she drank some soda.  As it went down her throat, the grace of God seemed to miraculously arise in her body.  The proof of the pudding however is whether she could get out of bed & get ready.  As she got up & tried to get ready, she was strengthened & helped miraculously.  We count it as a miracle of God!  And she was sustained throughout a very busy Lord’s Day in its entirety.  PTL!

That then set the tone for a wonderful day.  In the AM service we had a young mother & her daughter baptized afterwards.  We had several visitors in the AM service too.  The choir did their usual outstanding job on “Be Not Afraid.”  They were confident in this song as they have done it before, but we were blessed as much this time as previously.  Then the offertory was a harp solo by Airman Justin Longway.  I commented that a harp just has the sound of heaven to which there was a great reaction by the congregation.  When Justin hit the finale of the offertory, he went into overdrive.  It was wonderful! 

The evening service was equally blessed!  The choir song was outstanding!  Miss Anna Carpenter aptly accompanied them on the piano.  After they sang, my wife leaned over to me & whispered, “OK, now we can go home!”  She meant that was so good & so blessed, we got our money’s worth already. 🙂 And she was surely right.  Then for the offertory, Mr. Lance Owen played “Maybe Today” on the trumpet as he was accompanied on the piano by Pastor Seth.  His performance was clear, strong, & well done.  Lance is a “Steady Freddy.”  You can count on him as reliable & faithful to the task in whatever he does for the Lord!  I then preached a message from Psalm 127 on the Home.  Folks were tuned in for it too.  After the PM service, the deacons helped serve the Lord’s Supper which was a solemn & sacred time together as the church family

So yesterday we enjoyed both ordinances of the local church: baptism & the Lord’s Supper.  We had some outstanding music.  The fellowship was wonderful.  And the presence of the Holy Spirit ministering in both services was evident at least “to those who were in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day.”  So I am praising the Lord for His goodness, His blessing, & His wondrous miracle for Diane & me yesterday.  My cup overflows!