Special day. Special people. Special blessings.

Sunday was indeed a special day here at Bethel.  We were very low in attendance in the AM service with a lot of our regular people away for one-reason-or-another. But the evening attendance was abundant & overflowing with guests!  J  So that in itself made it a special day, but there were other special things about it too.  One was the extraordinary music of the day.  We loved singing the Christmas carols.  Also the choir favored us with “Hope Is Born” which was a stirring song of encouragement to anyone.  Then Pastor Seth’s incredible piano solo offertory of “Gesu Bambino” caught the attention of everyone in earshot of it!  It was vibrant, exciting, lively, & soul-stirring.  Wow!  In the evening service the choir with Mr. Paul Mullinex as narrator did the cantata, “Jesus! The Advent of the Messiah.”  It was a nearly full house attendance & the presentation was excellent!  It was enjoyed & appreciated by virtually everyone.  So we were awash with blessings from the special day! 

It was a day of special people also.  Although some of our regulars were away, we had lots of visitors in the AM & a ton in the evening!  This brought special people to us such as out-of-town relatives, neighbors, & even strangers.  One older couple came on invitation from a diesel mechanic who helped them along the roadside last week.  He told them to come to Bethel for this presentation.  When they told me, I could not imagine who this was.  So I asked around & finally my detective work found the answer.  Lance Owen said that he knew who this was.  His boss, Zeus Dean had led a guy to Christ last summer who was a diesel mechanic by the name of Seth.  He lives far away from the church, but had visited twice.  When he stopped to help the stranded couple, he recognized that they live near Bethel.  So he told them to come here!  Does that qualify as special people or what? 

And special blessings were all over us for the whole day.  The above story is just one of them.  Another is that our Bible college students all got home safe & sound.  Our church bubbles when those guys get back home.  And one of our summer interns came to spend the holiday vacation with us!  So when I say that we had special blessings, I mean it.  BTW, those Bible college students already led two millennials to Christ since they got home & they are discipling them now. 

So there you have it from Bethel.  We are rejoicing & praising God at this special season.  We all send you wishes for a very merry Christmas. 

Pastor Stertzbach