Sunshine greetings from warm Tucson!

While the NW part of the USA gets belted with snow & bad weather, we enjoy a full day of sunshine & warmth.  On top of that, we had a great morning today for our evangelism program at the church & made 72 contacts this morning. Tonight we have the evening component & will seek to round out over a hundred contacts for the day.  I would say that is a fair part of a good day, wouldn’t you?

But yesterday is what you are wondering about.  We had a raft of folks out with the flu.  At least three families were ravished by the epidemic in our area.  But in spite of that, we had a wonderful day with Missionaries Mark & Ashley Ackeret who are on deputation to Ecuador.  She played the offertories on the piano for both AM & PM service & did a fine job on each.    Our choir was affected by the bugs going around & the orchestra was just limping along yesterday with the few musicians who were there. The congregation singing however was enthusiastic & heart-warming indeed.  In a day when most churches have mumbling rather than singing with gusto, it was a blessing to my heart to hear everyone involved .  Maybe it was because we sang some great hymns: “Arise, my Soul, Arise,” “How Can It Be?” & “His Robes for Mine.”  I preached from Exodus 13:17-22 on “Why Do You Have Your Wilderness Walk?”  The message seemed to touch a chord in the hearts of many.  PTL for God’s presence & blessing in it all.

In the evening, the choir sang a repeat which highlighted the tenors.  The missionary movie presentation of Ecuador was excellent!  Then Mark opened it up for questions from the audience, & he got some outstanding & interesting questions even from some of the children.  That set the stage for his message “What Can You Do to Grease the Skids for your Missionaries by Way of Prayer?”  It was from II Thess. 3:104 & was also excellent.

  1. Pray for lack of hindrances. 3:1A
  2. Pray for the preacher to be protected. 3:2
  3. Pray for God’s Word to be glorified. 3:1B

 So yesterday was a full day & a blessed Lord’s Day indeed!  The fellowship was sweet (although we were hesitant on the handshaking due to the flu epidemic.)  The bondedness of heart & mind was evident amongst the brethren.  And the presence of our God was clearly known as we worshipped Him together.  It was a precious day in the Lord with God’s people.  PTL!

Pastor Stertzbach